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Martha’s Hands Home Care Services

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To provide quality services delivered by highly skilled and motivated professionals that are dedicated to compassion and excellence while recognizing each individuals need for health of body, mind and spirit.

General info

About Us

Martha’s Hands Home Care Services has been in existence since 1997 and over the years it has done a considerable amount to assist people with their daily activities so they can remain independent in their home.

Elileen Hedrick is the founder of Martha’s Hands Home Care Services. She is a Registered Nurse and BSHA. She worked at a variety of care settings before starting the business.

“The assistance would be with hands on care help from getting up, to getting bathed, dressed, different personal care, assistance with and preparation of medication reminders, household support type of care, housekeeping, laundry, errand running and grocery shopping,” she said. “We also assist with specific care needs depending on each client’s situation.”
Other areas Hedrick’s organization gets involved with are setting up and working with an exercise program for clients, or helping them recover from a stroke, or also cases of dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease.”
Since its beginning in 1997, Martha’s Hands has provided care for more than 4,000 clients and just provided its 3 millionth hour of service this past year.
“A lot of people who love to live in their home and/or with their family and we can help with providing the care necessary to stay independent. That is what we do,” Hedrick said. “Everybody would like to stay in their home and be as independent as possible in their community. If they stay there, they tend to have a higher quality of life.”
The website provides a wide variety of possibilities of how Martha’s Hands could care for a loved one.
“What makes Martha’s Hands unique or we attribute our success to is we provide compassion and excellence in home care,” Hedrick said. “We provide compassion and excellence in home care. It is a mission-based company.”
Hedrick had it written in the mission statement from the very beginning that it would provide a care that is a service to God’s children, which comes from the Sister’s of Mercy.
“Excellence comes from the model of care we provide,” Hedrick said. “We have a nurse case manager who meets with the client to do a consultation to understand what the client’s care and needs are. Skilled nursing can develop a customized service plan and makes sure they are overseeing the plan of the client and has the ability to interact with the client’s doctors or other health care providers on a professional level.”
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Our Mission & Values

To provide quality services delivered by highly skilled and motivated professionals that are dedicated to compassion and excellence while recognizing each individuals need for health of body, mind and spirit. Martha's Hands will affect, respect and influence the success of our clients and employees through a team approach and a positive, encouraging environment.

Our goal is to provide our clients with assistance with their daily activities so they can remain independent in their homes based on our mission below. Please take your time around our website and learn more about us. If you have more questions navigating through your decisions or you would like to begin services, please contact us.

“We Serve with our Hands, Love with our Hearts, and Seek the Face of our Creator in those We Serve.” - Mother Teresa


Home Care Services

Our goal is to provide you with personalized, mission-based, care services; allowing you to remain independent in your home. One of our Nurse Care Managers will meet with the client and family for an initial consultation. During the Assessment, they will get a better understanding of the client’s abilities, challenges along with care requests. The family can feel free to ask questions in order to better understand the care options available.

Based on this Assessment, our Nurse Care Manager will develop a service plan that is customized to the client’s specific needs and requests.The written service plan will indicate the tasks that our caregivers will need to perform and the skills they will need. This plan assists us in carefully matching a client’s needs with a caregiver’s abilities.

While each care situation is unique , below is a sample of the types of care services we provide. Please ask the nurse for specific care requests.

Again, this is just a basic list of services. Please coordinate with our Nurse Care Manager to customize the service plan that meets your needs. As needs change, our Nurse Care Manager will continue to refine the service plan to meet your needs and assist you along life's journey. 

Hospital Care Transitions To Home
Hospice Supportive Care
Mobile Dentistry
Just For Moms Care
Medical and Home Supplies

Getting Started

We want the process of starting care with Martha’s Hands to be as smooth as possible. Below is a step by step guide. If you have any questions about this process, please ask us.

Contact Martha’s Hands to discuss services and ask questions in order to make decision.

Review the Martha’s Hands information with client and family members involved.

Schedule an Initial Nursing Assessment and Consultation to review client’s needs and care requests. Client and family can ask questions and offer care requests. As part of the Assessment, the service agreement will need to be signed by the client or the financial power of attorney. A credit card will be used as either primary payment or secondary source (in lieu of a deposit).

After the Assessment, the Martha’s Hands Nurse will create a customized service plan in order to provide personalized care for the client. Based on the skills needed for care, the Martha’s Hands Staffing Team will carefully select caregivers that match client’s needs.

Martha’s Hands Nurse will introduce client to caregivers when they arrive at their first shift. Nurse will orientate caregiver to written service plan in the home.

On-going supervisory visits and re-assessments will be conducted by our Martha’s Hands Nursing Team. Contact Nursing Team with all clinical questions/concerns. Contact Staffing Team with all scheduling and all other questions/concerns. We are always here to help, 24/7.