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Advocates for, educates, offers resources to, and engages Regional businesses to increase community prosperity and drive Regional economic growth


Development was chosen as core area, because it represents business development or the process of developing or deepening relationships with each other. As a chamber it is our goal and desire to provide a means to build prosperous relationships for your business. We also see development as community development and believe that if we build these relationships, we foster a strong economic environment and community.


Advocacy was chosen as the second core area because it is an area that many businesses do not feel they have in their toolbox and, in fact, often feel unsupported by local governments.  We hope to bridge this gap in support and bring a voice to local governments on behalf of the businesses to help them with their issues.  Multiple voices speak much louder than one voice alone, so we want to be our members' business advocate right when they need one!


Our third core area is Resources, because without resources all of us would flounder in our businesses. With so many different disciplines in the membership, the Chamber provides a plethora of trusted professionals in various fields to provide services and products when in need. The Chamber staff is also an amazing resource in itself to help make introductions, learn more about the Chamber and activities, and they can help with ideas for growing your business. Because they typically know the members, they are good at sharing information about members and, of course, referring business to members as well. There are many different ways in which the Chamber and its members are a resource, making “Resources” a very easy piece of our core mission. 


Last, but definitely not least, the core area of Education is very important to the success of a business owner. Education has always been the foundation of knowledge. With knowledge comes success. We offer a variety of educational seminars including topics covering marketing, HR, accounting, and insurance. The Chamber already has educational initiatives, but plan to increase our steps to be thought of as a business resource for education to help you run a successful business. One of these is our Marketing Mondays. These are free to Chamber members and their guests! Learn from area business or educational leaders on the latest topics affecting your business! Again, it only helps the community thrive when our members businesses are growing!