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These are but a few of the remarks received from hundreds of great Chamber members. Each understanding the importance of being involved as it relates to a return on investment. The Chamber’s board of directors and staff appreciate your membership and hope you’ll find the testimonials of fellow business persons an incentive to continue improving your business, expanding your marketing efforts and support fellow entrepreneurs as we work together in business development to improve the local economy.

Jim Wright, President/CEO
Kirkwood-Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce

I am very fortunate to work for Martha’s Hands, a company that has recognized the benefits of actively participating in the Kirkwood-Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce since 2001.  For over 15 years, through our mission of “Love through Service”, Martha’s Hands has assisted individuals with their daily activities of living so that they may remain independent in their home.  Through our membership in the Chamber we have become rooted in our community.

I have had the opportunity to represent Martha’s Hands for the past three years in the Chamber as their Community Relations person, this being my second year as an Ambassador.  During that time, I have made many new friends; I have shopped Chamber, referred Chamber members and have been able to help many members.  I have enjoyed the benefits of attending Marketing Mondays, Chamber luncheons, Business After Hours, First Friday Coffees, Member Orientation Breakfasts, the Grand Marketplace Expo, On the Road With the Chamber, and many more programs put on by the Chamber.  These events are offered specifically to provide YOU the opportunity to network, grow your business and hone your skills.

“I wanted to share with you a testimonial of the impact my involvement with the Chamber has had on my business. When I joined the Chamber almost 2 years ago my focus was to build relationships with other
members and create awareness of what I do. I did not expect much direct business to result the first year
as my focus was creating relationships that lasted not single transactions that were fleeting. I am now seeing the fruits of that investment starting to pay off. We are getting clients that have sought us out, my client representatives are reporting that frequently when they are out making calls on business that the company says they are aware of us and have a positive view of Express Employment Professionals as upfront ethical business people. If I sum up my Chamber experience it has been a cumulative impact of building relationships, learning about people, and others learning about us so that when their business has a need, we are already known and viewed in a positive light.”

UPDATE: “One of my biggest accounts resulted from an unlikely connection I made with a Chamber member I had come to know and who, in return, trusted me.  My involvement in the Chamber has proven to be crucial to my business!  Even if those around you can’t use your services, you never know who they will refer you to that will make a huge and lasting impact to your bottom line."

“The exposure I get from being a Chamber member both on a personal and professional level is a very positive experience for me. The Chamber staff & members have supported and promoted my business for the past several year’s helping it become more successful. As a member of the Chamber I have become involved in different events and activities that have really helped connect me and my business to the community, letting everyone know exactly what we have to offer. I would highly recommend to any business owner to become involved with the Chamber, as it will be the best thing they could do for their business.”

“I believe the Chamber provides me one of the strongest returns on investment of my time and money.”

"Our membership in the Kirkwood-Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce has been very worthwhile. At
Chamber events, we make a steady stream of new contacts while strengthening relationships with existing customers.  Plus, the Chamber staff is a pleasure to work with."

“I want to repeat what Hardy Washington said, “The Chamber is a tremendous resource for finding new business”.

“What a great morning - it is so much fun for all of us to host the Member Breakfast...I will be in touch with you about next year.  Our corporate marketing team will be in town sometime in the next couple of weeks and they love everything we are doing at Des Peres and the Chamber is a big piece of our success!"

“We had a great time yesterday at the Expo Event. You all did an outstanding job at marketing the event.”

“Thank you so much for the great talk on Generational Differences at the Chamber Luncheon.  That was really, really helpful! And I attended the talk on 10 Ways Not to Get Sued, again, excellent, very good! I appreciate the Chamber and what you offer to its members. I think you provide a great service, great networking and it is really appreciated by Kirkwood business.”

“I meant to compliment you on the newly designed directory. Great format, easy reading - just like the Yellow Pages.”

“As a businessman, I think ‘Getting to Know You’ is the best deal for your advertising dollar. It’s there everyday of the month, not just one event.”

“I had just moved into my new offices and I needed quite a few items to get up and running. These included files, paper, pens, envelopes, organizers and other necessary items for the office. I went to Office Depot to purchase these items. When the cashier tabulated everything, the total cost was $367. But when I told her I was part of the Chamber Savings Program she scanned my credit card and the total charge dropped to $290….a savings of $77 just for being a member of the Chamber! Great program and thanks for putting it together for Chamber members.”

“I wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful 2010 business expo. My team and I had a fantastic time greeting and meeting my fellow business partners in the area as well
as new faces and potential clients.  When you coordinate
and put on an expo you do it first class!!!  If the good Lord says the same, I plan on
participating next year in the expo and the “State Farm good
Neigh Bear” will be high fiving and smiling at everyone as well. Thanks again and have a
blessed day!”

“We've participated in the Kirkwood Business Expos the past several years. At each event, we meet new people and hand out free samples of our bottled water. The expos have been excellent ways to reach new customers and make new friends. We average 5-7 new customer sign-ups per Expo.”