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The Kirkwood – Des Peres area is known for a diverse and vibrant business community. From financial services and healthcare, to locally owned retail and restaurants, art galleries, and museums, the area has long been home to a balanced and prosperous local economy.

Kirkwood, Des Peres, Warson Woods, Glendale, and Oakland are much sought after for their high property values, quality public and private schools, safe neighborhoods, convenient location, an engaged citizenry, and exceptional city services. The area is rich in parks and trails and has opportunities for every type of sports enthusiast.

Kirkwood is more than just a suburb of St. Louis. It has its own unique identity and history, which residents treasure. People come from all over the metro area to soak up the atmosphere of Kirkwood’s historic, pedestrian-friendly downtown. One of the most enviable things about Kirkwood is that it feels like a small community, but it’s centrally located within the metro area. Widely admired for its long-established small-town vibe that makes people feel at home quickly, Kirkwood is a uniquely warm, friendly, and welcoming place.

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