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Starting a Business

Small Business Resources

You have a business idea. Now what?

No matter your passion or industry, if you’re looking to grow your business from concept to reality, the Chamber has the resources to help you succeed. We can provide valuable guidance for business plans, research, financing, strategic planning, and much more…

Your idea:

Who is your customer and why do they care?
What are your hurdles?
Will you make money, and how long before you break even?
Why have others failed or succeeded?
What people and skills will you need on your team?
How will you attract and retain customers?
Will you need investors or outside capital?
What about legal details, e.g., legal entity, business formation, licenses?

For state and local Small Business Resources see below:

U.S. Small Business Administration - St. Louis District Office

Missouri Department of Economic Development

Missouri Economic Research and Information Center

Missouri Office of Equal Opportunity

Missouri Small Business Start-up Guide

St. Louis Business Disadvantaged Enterprise Business Office

St. Louis County Offices

St. Louis County Office of Diversity and Inclusion

St. Louis Economic Development Partnership

SCORE Mentors St. Louis

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