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Area Demographics

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Kirkwood Electric

Kirkwood Total City Population: 27,584
Males: 46.21%
Females: 53.79%
Median Age: 43

Des Peres Total City Population: 8,373
Males: 48.5%
Females: 51.5%

Colleges which offer Associate’s Degree or Certificate
2 - in the community
41 - within 50 miles

Colleges which offer Bachelor's Degree or Higher
2 in the community
54 within 50 miles

Income and Spending
Kirkwood’s Median Household Income: $86,222
Des Peres’s Median Household Income: $117,431

Owners vs. Renters
Kirkwood: Owners 75.69% vs Renters 24.31%
Des Peres: Owners 96.7% vs Renters 3.3%

Residents spend an average of 20 minutes commuting to work. The Area is served by 15 airports within 50 miles. Rail can be accessed within the community. Interstates can be accessed within the community.

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